Alice in Bed

A play by Susan Sontag produced and directed by Tess Denman-Cleaver, with commissioned scenography by Ben Jeans-Houghton, sound by Tim Shaw, and lighting by Douglas Kuhrt.

Performed by Tessa Parr, Tom Walton, Zoe Lambert, Claire Barrett, Rachel Gay, Abigail Walton and Joanna Holden.

Alice in Bed was large-scale immersive production of Susan Sontag’s 1993 play about diarist Alice James, sister to Henry and William James. Performances took place in the Stevenson Works warehouse, where audiences were free to move around the landscape of the performance during the live event.

The development and production of Alice in Bed was supported by an extensive public workshop and symposium programme on arts, mental health, and diaries as literary form.

Produced by Tender Buttons. Newcastle, UK, 2013.

Project partners: Culture Lab (Newcastle University), Silverlink Properties Ltd., NHS, Launchpad, Mining Institute (Newcastle).

Funded by Arts Council England, Newcastle University, NHS and Newcastle City Council.

Images by Keith Pattison.