Of Bensham and the Return

Of Bensham and the Return is a text originally written and performed on the occasion and in the midst  of moving back to the place where I was born.

The performance was first presented at the Shipley Art Gallery in Bensham (Gateshead) as part of CIRCA Projects and Giles Bailey’s FESTIVAL IS SUDDEN event for TUSK Festival 2017.

Of Bensham and the Return is currently exhibited as a performance and printed text in the Women Artists of the North East Library show at Workplace Gallery (22nd June – 9th September 2018). A newly developed sequel to the work will be performed in the gallery on August 23rd 2018.


Maybe its just coincidental. Partly its coincidental. NE8 something something something maybe you can tell me about Bensham or something… The back seats of a car: bench for a back lane playground: stage set for a family. 

Wetting yourself in your favourite two piece green sweatpants and jumper and having to come to home to get changed and promise to tell someone next time you need a wee.

Film crews. And floating dolls. Things that are special and things that are other. 

This is a ceremony; A marker in time. The movement of life. A return.”


Image by Adam Phillips.