Open Here

Open Here was a partnership between Tess Denman-Cleaver (Tender Buttons), artist Aidan Moesby, North East mental health charity Launchpad, NTW NHS Trust, North East Early Intervention in Psychosis Team (EIP), and creative producer Cat Jarman (Drop Everything).

Between 2012-2018 Open Here delivered creative activity and cultural engagement programmes for people experiencing severe and enduring mental illness.

Running bespoke programmes for 6 years, Open Here developed in-depth understanding of barriers people face to accessing culture as a result of mental illness and the particular challenges programming, marketing and publicity, ticketing, front of house and physical space of cultural institutions pose for those living with mental illness.

In 2019 Open Here worked with Dance City to deliver training and development of access resources.

The programme was funded by NHS NTW Trust, Arts Council England, Big Lottery, Northern Stage a number of private donors. 

Open Here was awarded an NHS best practice award in 2014.