She Lives Here

An interactive map created by Tess Denman-Cleaver and Amber Denman for Gateshead Interchange, commissioned by GIFT ’13.

When Tess and Amber made She Lives Here Tess lived in Newcastle and was 26 years old, Amber (Tess’ niece) was 3 years old and lived in Bensham (Gateshead), close to Tess’ place of birth.

SHE LIVES HERE_2013_Richard Kenworthy

She Lives Here asked audiences to add to a cardboard map of Gateshead, building their own landmarks and placing them on a large blank OS map of the city. Over the period of an afternoon in Gateshead City Centre the map was filled with a collected and remembered geography. She Lives Here responded to ongoing major redevelopment of the local area and questioned how we navigate and remember our own histories within places undergoing significant physical change.

Image by Richard Kenworthy (2013).